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Marilyn A. Wethekam Discusses the Year Ahead in SALT Law with State Tax NotesJanuary 18, 2021State and Local Tax
Read the full article by State Tax Notes here. In the article “Forging Ahead in 2021” by State Tax Notes on December 21, 2020, Marilyn A. Wethekam goes over what the …
In The news
HMB Congratulates Dina Care on Closing $7M Series AJanuary 12, 2021Litigation
HMB congratulates client Dina Care, an AI-powered care-at-home platform and network, for successfully closing a $7 million Series A funding round led by Philadelphia-based Osage Venture Partners. Existing investors, strategic …
Client Success: HMB Represents Caption Access LLC in Sale to Australia-based Ai-MediaJanuary 8, 2021Business and Finance
Illinois-based CaptionAccess is a deaf-owned and managed company providing communication access services to the government, corporate and education sectors. CaptionAccess is strongly positioned in the education sector, providing a broad …
HMB Legal Counsel Welcomes Sara E. O’Reilly as Chief Executive OfficerJanuary 5, 2021
CHICAGO, January 5, 2021— HMB Legal Counsel (“HMB”) welcomes Sara E. O’Reilly as Chief Executive Officer of HMB. She is the first woman and first nonlawyer in this leadership role …
News Release
Jordan M. Goodman Presents a Webinar, "Multistate Tax Implications and Potential M&A Opportunities in a Distressed Market" for the 2021 National Multistate Tax Symposium - 2/2/21January 12, 2021State and Local Tax
2/2/21 12:45PM – 1:45PM & 2:00PM – 3:00PM ET With various sectors being impacted by the downturn, multistate tax professionals must recognize and proactively address state tax issues and execute state tax …
HMB's Week of Holiday Cheer 2020December 18, 2020
Before we say goodbye to 2020 and hello to 2021, HMB is celebrating some of our favorite moments from the past year with our Week of Holiday Cheer. Over the next …
Samantha K. Breslow Presents a Webinar, "Internet Tax Freedom Act: Protector from the Taxman?" for the CBA YLS Business Law Transactions Committee - 12/28/20December 15, 2020State and Local Tax
12/18/20 Samantha K. Breslow will discuss the Internet Tax Freedom Act for the Chicago Bar Association YLS Business Law Transactions Committee. The intent of the Internet Tax Freedom Act was to protect …
David W. Machemer and Samantha K. Breslow Present a Webinar, "City of Chicago and Cook County Update" for the Illinois Chamber of Commerce Tax Institute - 12/8/20December 7, 2020State and Local Tax
12/8/20 10:00AM – 11:30AM CT David W. Machemer and Samantha K. Breslow will present a City of Chicago and Cook County update for the Illinois Chamber of Commerce Tax Institute. Chicagoland revenue …
Illinois’ Leveling the Playing Field for Illinois Retail Act is now in EffectJanuary 19, 2021State and Local Tax
Illinois legislation impacting sourcing rules for marketplace facilitators, sellers, and remote sellers- the “Leveling the Playing Field for Illinois Retail Act”- is now in effect for 2021 and Illinois Retailers’ …
Client Alert
Business Owners with COVID-19/Government Shutdown Orders File Business Insurance Claims: A New Wave or Just a Ripple?November 10, 2020Litigation
HMB’s Insurance Advisory Practice is continuing to monitor developments on hundreds of cases filed nationwide by business owners against insurers over denials of business interruption COVID-19 and government shutdown order …
Client Alert
David S. Ruskin Provides Overview of Illinois Cannabis Regulation for Practical LawNovember 9, 2020Litigation
In less than a decade, Illinois went from treating cannabis as a criminal issue to developing a heavily-regulated legal medical and adult use cannabis industry. Illinois law uses cannabis as a …
Rick S. Rein Published in "Cross-Border Strategy to Recover on Claims Against Foreign Parties and Assets" by the American Bar AssociationNovember 3, 2020Litigation
Read the full article by ABA here. Pursuing legal relief against foreign parties and assets is a complex task that requires a well-developed plan to achieve a cross-border recovery. Globalization has created …
Prejudgment Freezing Orders in the US To Combat Evasive Debtors in the Current Pandemic EnvironmentJanuary 14, 2021Private Client, Trusts and Estates
The 2021 pandemic environment is showing trends toward evasive debtors trying to protect their wealth by moving assets fluidly around the world as creditors evaluate the value of assets and …
Current Trends to Hide AssetsJanuary 7, 2021Litigation
With the economy on troubling grounds, there is a greater desire to protect assets. But, there is a difference between hiding and protecting assets. Hiding assets is a form of …
Consideration for Creditors During Current Economic Upheaval When Confronting Cayman Islands Trusts and Foundation CompaniesDecember 18, 2020Litigation
The economic upheaval caused by the pandemic has forced persons to focus on asset preservation. The desire to protect wealth and business assets in a well-run, regulated and safe jurisdiction …
Chicago Lease Transaction Tax Rate Increase for "Cloud" Software ProductsDecember 16, 2020State and Local Tax
On November 16, 2020, the City Council for the City of Chicago (“City Council”) amended the Chicago Personal Property Lease Transaction Tax Ordinance (“Ordinance”), eliminating the lower rate of tax …
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