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Sara E. O'Reilly
Chief Executive Officer
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Sara O’Reilly Joins the Legal Podcast “Non-Compliant” to Discuss Running a Law Firm in 2021 and Why Diversity and Inclusion is Imperative for Success

Sara E. O'Reilly
Chief Executive Officer
Sara O'Reilly HMB Chief Executive Office Interviewed about Diversity and Inclusion and Running a Law Firm on Non Compliant Podcast

HMB’s Chief Executive Officer, Sara E. O'Reilly was interviewed by Jay Edelson, Host of legal podcast, "Non-Compliant." Their conversation spans a variety of topics including running a law firm as a non-lawyer, why firms need a 5-year plan and why Diversity and Inclusion is imperative to the long-term success of the legal industry. Get to know Sara and listen to the full podcast here: “Non-Compliant Podcast Episode 30: The One Where We Talk About Disrupting The Legal Industry with Sara O’Reilly.”

To start the show, Jay and Sara discuss recent efforts by forward-thinking law firms to bring in non-lawyer executives to oversee their business operations (3:20). To be successful in the legal profession, executives need to appreciate the history, talent and culture of law firms so they can successfully implement long-term strategies (6:30).

Next, Jay and Sara dive into the best ways to take law firms to the next level (10:40). Law firms, under the charge of seasoned executives, should approach their business operations with long-term strategies that work within the firm’s ecosystem (15:30). A key way to usher in these long-term changes is to spend considerable time and resources to train the next class of attorneys, staff and future legal executives (30:00).

Later in the show, Jay and Sara discuss why Diversity should be a top priority for law firms—not only to better the legal profession but also to bring in new voices to the practice of law (35:20). Firms must not take the approach that Diversity is a numbers game, rather they should take a holistic approach to foster a firm that has diversity of thought, background and perspective. (36:44).

To wrap the show, Jay and Sara discuss the recent trend of states warming up to non-lawyer ownership of law firms and what the industry could look like over the next 5 to 10 years (42:25). Such ownership and control, Jay and Sara explain, allows for a new type of thinking and increased competition within the legal profession that would further increase diversity of thought across the board.

Listen now to learn more about Sara and HMB.

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