John W, Guzzardo - a man in a suit, smiling at the camera
John W. Guzzardo
Chair | Litigation Group
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John W. Guzzardo, Chapter 7 Trustee for the Northern District of Illinois, Eastern Division (Chicago)

Information & Tips 01/01/2021
John W, Guzzardo - a man in a suit, smiling at the camera
John W. Guzzardo
Chair | Litigation Group

 John W. Guzzardo is a Trustee who has been appointed by the United States Department of Justice to help oversee bankruptcy cases. Please contact the individual trustee directly if you are counsel in one of the trustee's appointed bankruptcy estates.

Please refer to the U.S. Bankruptcy Website for specific telephonic section 341 meeting information and instructions. You can find the court website here.

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Tips for Attending Your Telephonic Section 341 (a) Meeting of Creditors if You are a Pro-Se Debtor
Protocol for Zoom 341(a) Meetings Northern District of Illinois – Eastern Div. Updated October 30, 2020
Video/Phone Etiquette Guidelines
Case Chart

Tips for Attending Your Telephonic Section 341 (a) Meeting of Creditors if You are a Pro-Se Debtor

Tip No. 1:  You must include your current telephone number and email address on your bankruptcy petition so that your Chapter 7 Trustee can call and/or email you information and instructions.

Tip No. 2:  A "Chapter 7 Trustee" will be assigned to your case. Chapter 7 Trustees are not permitted to give you legal advice about your case and they cannot serve as your lawyer.

Tip No. 3:  You will be required to attend a Section 341 (a) Meeting of Creditors about 30 days after you case is filed. You will get notice of the date and time for your meeting in the mail from the Clerk of the Bankruptcy Court. The Notice will also provide you with the name and contact information of your Chapter 7 Trustee.

Tip No. 4:  To participate in your required Section 341 (a) Meeting of Creditors, you must call in by telephone. To find the number and access code to join your meeting go here and click on the PDF entitled Protocol for Telephonic Appearances for Trustee 7 341 Meetings. Once there, find the date of your meeting and your Chapter 7 Trustee's name, and the telephone number access code to ask what additional documents they require and how you should transmit them. Trustee Springer has provided the telephone number and access code at the top of this page for his most current 341 meeting.

Tip No. 5:  The Bankruptcy Code requires that you provide your Chapter 7 Trustee with certain documents at least 7 days before your Section 341 (a) Meeting of Creditors. At a minimum, you will be required to provide pay stubs for the 60 days before you filed for bankruptcy and the last  2 years of federal tax returns that you filed with the IRS. You should contact your Chapter 7 Trustee to ask what additional documents they require and how you should transmit them. Documents can be emailed to Trustee John W. Guzzardo at

Tip No. 6:  To participate in your Section 341 (a) Meeting of Creditors, you are required to provide your Chapter 7 Trustee proof of your identification, including a photo ID and proof of your Social Security Number. To make your meeting go faster you should provide these items to your Chapter 7 Trustee before your meeting. You will also need to provide your Chapter 7 Trustee a signed an notarized Declaration Confirming Identification and Social Security Number, which you can obtain here by clicking on the PDF entitled Protocol for Telephonic Appearances for Chapter 7 341 Meetings.

Tip No. 7:  To find out additional information about bankruptcy, you can read Bankruptcy Basics by clicking here, published by the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts.

Protocol for Zoom 341(a) Meetings Northern District of Illinois – Eastern Div. Updated October 30, 2020

I. Initial Trustee Set Up:

Once the trustee purchases the Zoom Pro plan, they should set the chat feature so that only the trustee can communicate with participants in the Zoom Waiting Room. This will prevent debtors and counsel from chatting in the Waiting Room, as chats are visible to everyone in the Waiting Room.

II. Pre-Meeting Steps:

  • Chapter 7 petition filed and court issues initial notice (see Section IV)
  • Debtors/Counsel access the expanded Instructions/Form at [Court/UST] website (see Section V below)
  • If possible, trustees will email Instructions/Form using their case management software auto-generated email function.
  • No later than 1 week before meeting, attorneys and pro se debtors return the Form to register for the meeting.
  • At least two days before the meeting, trustees (i) send Zoom email link to all registered parties, with copy to AUST; and (ii) contact unregistered parties (at trustee’s discretion).

III. Meeting Date Steps:

  • The trustee should leave debtors and counsel in the Waiting Room until they’re ready to call their case.
  • The trustee should compare the photo ID previously sent with the debtor(s) on screen. If the debtor(s) failed to pre-register, the trustee may either continue the meeting by verifying the debtor(s) identification via Zoom by the debtor(s) holding their ID up to the camera, after verbally acknowledging that Zoom security is not guaranteed.
  • If a debtor’s reception is spotty, the trustee should put the debtor back into the Waiting Room so they can restart their device or rejoin the conference.

IV. Meeting Notice Issued by Court & Sample Docket Entry:

Notice will state meeting location as follows: By VIDEO. Review instructions NOW which may be found with REQUIRED FORM at or contact trustee Docket Entry will read as follows: 341(a) meeting scheduled for 8/10/2020 at 10:00 AM at 341 meeting held by VIDEO. For instructions, go to the Court's website.

V. Detailed Instructions & Required Form on the Court Website

Sample Email to Parties

Dear Counsel, Debtor(s) and Parties in Interest:

You are receiving this email because you are scheduled for a 341 meeting on [DATE]. You will receive a separate email from me containing the Zoom link. The Zoom invitation will provide information about how to access the meeting using multiple options: link or call-in number and access code. You are encouraged to familiarize yourself with Zoom (

Registration is not necessary to participate in a Zoom video conference. Unless your device uses the IOS operating system (Iphones, Ipads or Apple computers), you do not need to download the Zoom app. You may download the Zoom mobile app from the App Store for free. A free account is available from Zoom. I prefer Zoom only because it works most fluently across all operating systems and phone platforms.

When you arrive for your meeting, you will be placed in the Waiting Room. While I make my best effort to stay on time, there are occasions where I fall short due to circumstances out of my control – technology issues, complex/unusual cases or cases where there are other appearances. I appreciate your patience in this regard. I will try to communicate with the Waiting Room where I am on the calendar.

When asked for the participant number or name, please make sure I can easily identify you. Debtors, please consider using the last four or five numbers of the case number, or your name. Counsel, please use your name. Parties in Interest who wish to make an appearance, please identify yourself as “CR” followed by the last four or five numbers of the case (e.g. CR-12345). This will make it easier for me to determine which participants to invite into the meeting from the virtual Waiting Room. If there are three users named “GalaxyNote” I can’t identify you and won’t know who to admit from the Waiting Room.

Counsel, if you provided the Zoom Videoconference Form to me with a legible email address for your client, your client is included in this email and will receive the Zoom link. For Counsel who did not provide the Zoom Videoconference Form, you will need to provide the Zoom information to your client.

Attached is a Notice to Debtors concerning their post-meeting 341 duties. Counsel, please share this with your client.

Video/Phone Etiquette Guidelines

The following video/phone etiquette guidelines will be required of all parties:

  1. Mute the call/audio while your meeting is not being held.
  2. Speak clearly and hold the camera steady.
  3. Limit all background noise while your meeting is being held.
  4. No speaker phone unless two or more persons are appearing on the same line, i.e., debtor and counsel or joint-filing debtors.
  5. Participants will join the remote video session in the virtual Waiting Room and will be invited into the meeting room when the case is called.
  6. Debtors and counsel are to be at a set location, and not in transit, so that full attention can be given to the questions being asked.
  7. Only debtors and their counsel as well as creditors or interested parties will be allowed on the connection, i.e., no “moral support” or supplementary answers to be provided by friends or family.
  8. Debtors must bring to the remote video meeting photo identification and an original document containing their complete Social Security Number.
  9. Debtors will be asked if they received and read a copy of the Bankruptcy Information Sheet. You can download it in English and many other languages here.

[chapter 7 trustee]

Case Chart

11:00 am

Colton, Lynda                                               Case  No. 21-02424        Att: David Ward

Myhre, Timothy                                            Case No.21-02437          Att:  David Cutler

Rise-Developing Tommorow's Women        Case No. 21-02442         Att:  John Lynch

Hartmann, Carolina A.                                  Case No.21-02447           Att: Joe D'Onofrio

Fatigato, Sue                                                 Case No. 21-02452          Att:  Bardley Covey

Inojosa, Fernando                                          Case No. 21-02469         Att: Eric Zelaney


Nabout, Khaled                            Case No. 21-02478            Att: David Freydin

Allen, Bridgette                            Case No. 21-02488           Att: Joe Michelotti

Baffo, Karen                                 Case No.21-02490            Att:  Richard Bass

Ornelas, Deziree                           Case No.  21-02517          Att:  Jason Kara

Welch, Danielle                             Case No.  21-02537         Att:  Marry Madlock

Piekarski, Kristen                          Case No.  21-02558         Att:  Jason Kara


Bustamante, Arthur                         Case No. 18-28860         Att:  Flora Lynch

Hermansen, Jennifer                        Case No.21-00504          Att:  Christopher Hoffman

Literski, Lisa                                   Case No.  21-02518        Att:  David Cutler

Kehren, Lauren                                Case No. 21-02520        Att:  James Casement

Cox, Nicholas                                  Case No. 21-02543         Att: Andrew Draus

Wright, Lazella                               Case No. 2102585          Att: Larry Madlock

Krause, Andrew                              Case no. 21-02593         Att: William Cherny

Gierlarowski, Rebecca                   Case No. 21-02603         Att: Juan Villalpando

12:30 pm

Gucciardo, Anjanette                      Case No. 21-02586          Att:  Robin Reizner

Lara, Ezequiel                                Case No. 21-02604          Att:  Frank Hernandez

Ramirez, Samuel                            Case No.  21-02619         Att:  Albert Xiques

Johnson, Bruse & Pam                   Case No.21-02631          Att:  Joe Doyle

Torres Mateo, Branley                    Case No. 21-02632        Att: Joe Doyle

Umbao, Myla                                  Case No. 21-02633       Att: Joe Doyle

1:00 pm

Hernandez, Kelsie                         Case No.  21-02634       Att: Joe Doyle

Gutherie, Renee                             Case No.  21-02653         Att: David Siegel

May, Lawrence & Maria                Case No. 21-02657          Att: Kenneth Chapman

Shamblin, Elva                               Case No. 21-02690          Att: David Ward

White, Shannon                              Case No. 21-02703            Att: Steven Camp

Cohrs, Susan                                   Case No. 21-02710          Att:  Pro se

1:30 pm

Cousineau, Frederick                     Case No.  21-02725         Att:  David Cutler

Harris, Beonca D.                          Case No. 21-02729          Att:  Rodion Leshinsky

Janda, Debra Ann                           Case No. 21-02752          Att: Larry  M adlock

Garcia, Pascual                               Case No. 21-02760         Att: Darrell Jordan

Poe, Cindy                                      Case No. 21-02762         Att: James Bernicky

O'Neill, Shawn                                Case No. 21-02763         Att: James Bernicky

2:00 pm

Guzaldo, Frank                                  Case No. 2102754           Att:  Ben Scheider

Giovenco, Laurie Ann                       Case No. 21-02792          Att: Gerard Stocco

Allen, Vivian                                     Case No. 21-02794           Att:  Yisroely, Moskovits

Thompson, David                              Case No. 21-02799           Att:  Jeremy Nevel

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