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BETTER COLLECTION Comes with persistence and experience

When a loan defaults, you want to collect swiftly and with as little resistance as possible. Our attorneys are highly skilled in protecting your interests and recouping losses when they occur.

Our experience runs across the spectrum of defaults. We handle commercial collection litigation, international asset collection, real estate foreclosures and other real estate-related litigation, Uniform Commercial Code Collection (“UCC”) matters, workouts and bankruptcies.

We have successfully pursued lawsuits involving note and guaranty collections, bank fraud, check kiting schemes and forged check schemes. We have litigated cases of employee fraud involving embezzlement, false loans and theft. Additionally, we handle a substantial number of UCC foreclosure sales involving beneficial interests in land trusts, equipment, accounts receivable and inventory.

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We have extensive experience in discovery and asset recovery, which includes a network of private investigators who will assist in the search for assets. Internationally, we are skilled in handling the nuances involved with recovering assets held in foreign countries and enforcing claims domestically.

Our decades of experience in commercial real estate and lending give us an edge in litigation for financial institutions related to foreclosures, mechanics’ liens, land use and zoning, commercial landlord/tenant disputes and property management matters.

When you need to advance collections and workouts, we work with you to develop a strategy that obtains the best possible value with the least cost and risk. We help restructure existing loans and entities, prepare forbearance and inter-creditor agreements and advise lenders on the best methods of liquidating borrowers’ assets.

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