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Better Recoveries Result from experience and connections

Dealing with distressed companies and bankruptcies are an unavoidable reality for all lenders. In these situations, maximizing the recovery of what is yours is critical and requires swift actions. The process becomes particularly challenging as distressed companies and individuals become more adept and creative in hiding assets.

Our team helps you untangle this complex web—using sophisticated techniques to locate, trace and recover the financial and physical property associated with your claims and counseling you through the administrative and legal phases involved.

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We have an impressive track record representing many financial institutions, lenders, receivers and bankruptcy trustees on strategies to recover assets from debtors and their conspirators. We use out-of-court solutions whenever possible – but litigate and enforce when necessary. We work with you from start to finish, using all administrative and judicial processes to recover what belongs to you.

HMB has a particularly robust team focused on international asset recovery matters. Our extended network of professionals allows us to undertake investigations, identify additional parties affiliated with your claims and maximize recoveries to the fullest extent.

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John W. GuzzardoChair | Litigation
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Aaron L. HammerChair | Bankruptcy Group
Asset Protection Devices in the British Virgin Islands That Creditors Need to UnderstandDecember 30, 2015

There are approximately 800,000 companies registered in the British Virgin Islands ("BVI"). BVI entities are used as vehicles for investing in Hong Kong, Singapore and mainland China where anywhere from 40-50% of BVI entities are used. There are three types of funds that can be organized under BVI law-private, professional and public. High net worth individuals are most interested in…

John Guzzardo and Rick Rein Published in NABT American Bankruptcy Trustee JournalJanuary 15, 2019

John Guzzardo and Rick Rein wrote an article for NABT American Bankruptcy Trustee Journal regarding the use of Consent Directives to locate offshore assets. A consent directive is a "rare bird" investigatory tool that litigants in the US may use to discover assets and information from debtors or third parties located anywhere in the world. Recently, the Ninth Circuit Bankruptcy…

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