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The disputes that occur in the real estate industry are complex and diverse. From design, construction and leasing disputes to insurance, lending and environmental challenges, counsel that truly understands all aspects of real estate is paramount for success. Our team can tackle the full range of your real estate litigation matters.

The real estate industry requires attention to detail and a deadline-focused approach. Each transaction presents its own unique set of complex challenges. We represent nearly every party involved in the real estate business: commercial and residential property owners, investors, lenders, developers, purchasers, landlords, tenants, and property managers.

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We counsel you on a full range of disputes, including breaches of purchase agreements, vendor and broker disputes, and dissolving partnerships. When bankruptcy and troubled assets are involved, we assist with cash collateral, adequate protection, post- petition financing arrangements, stay relief, and plan confirmation proceedings. We handle foreclosure proceedings and receivership matters. We also counsel property owners and managers through tenant issues and building code violations.

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